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Ligatio: the Walkthrough by liiga Ligatio: the Walkthrough by liiga
This giant thing is a bit of an insight into how the painting Ligatio was made. It's not Quite in-depth enough to qualify as a tutorial nor is intended as such, but I hope someone will find something useful in this, or at least satisfy some curiosity. ;p

Paintings in Corel Painter, put together in Ulead Photoimpact.
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Danceswithsidhe Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Ewa-chan Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
Amazing *^*
Ewa-chan Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
Amazing *^*
CrimzonStar Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was great just reading you!
LuciLuu Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011
That's truly insane.
Loves it.
hildegunst01 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cracy work, but wow. O.O that is amazing! wow...
Cloverdeer Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2011  Student General Artist
oh my god, this is aweome!~ :D <3 <3 :D
natashNAMAC Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
great art work. ;0) plus your writing is awesome too. very entertaining.
Malusdraco Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow this is really well done
you almost make it look easy...
toxiksskulls Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2010
so beautiful !!!!!!! bravo !
Miss-Lacy Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010  Student Digital Artist
oddballoffun Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010  Professional Artist
Reading this was a fantastic experience, especially considering that I have never seen the painting before (I just stumbled on your tutorial through a search)... It was breathtaking to watch the creation of this intensely beautiful work without having any idea of how it would end.
I'm doing this more often.

The walkthrough itself was a very useful insight into how you went about certain effects and the creative process as a whole, and has been +faved for future reference.

Thank you for creating this, it must have taken a lot of time and effort on your part.
NightSkyPorcelaine Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2010
your art is absolutly GORGEOUS
kittako Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
You have such great cg skills :clap: Thanks for the tutorial!
Mindita Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2010
I love this tutorial =D
Airavel Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
it makes me wish my computer wasn't a piece of crap that won't let me use it at all.....-long sigh-
oh! This is amazing by the way
I envy your skills
Ami-Dragon Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Ow wow!
I have never tought about this way of coloring!
you make me to look on the life with a different way!
May I ask, how many years it took for you to draw like this?
Brīnišķīgs darbs!
State-of-Denial Featured By Owner May 5, 2009
What a great piece with a great tutorial. Good job.
porshi Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2009
this is awesome!!
Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial!
I was planning of making fairies and this tut is perfect! :clap:
thankyou! :hug:
Stephanie-Chivas Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2008  Student General Artist
Amazing tutorial, its great seeing how you worked on it. I love being able to see how other artists work on their pieces.
BlazingFist Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2008
Whoa... amazing. Beautiful concept. Greath walkthrough/
NEKA83 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2008
Thanks for the tutos
rackle23 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2008  Student
This is very helpful! Thank you :)
Hilaya Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
:hug: :hug: :hug: and much more hug´s ^^
your tutorial helped me alot and i am so glad about my own result^^
i took some parts/informations to try out a new style and i am so amazed, that i can do such a thing. all this, because of your tutorial :hug: :icongwomp:thank you^^ :blowkiss:
Eclyps Featured By Owner May 16, 2008  Hobbyist Artist
Wow, wtf, amazing! Man, ur so good at drawing!
(you make it seem easy XD (which it is not :cry:)

Anyways, I love this tutorial!
tigi-si Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2008
oh my god.. D:
This is just awesome..
I wanted to ask one thing.. I saw that you use small lines to color the skin.. or am I wrong?
liiga Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2008
Thanks! More or less yeah. I usually block in the basic shades, blend them a bit as necessary, then detail stuff with little lines or scribbles. Sort of a habitual style thingy.
tigi-si Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2008
Oh.. Will you ever do a tutorial on those? .)
AnnickHuber Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Really beautiful! I'm trying to switch from photoshop to corel painter, it's so hard getting used to new things >.< Where is the 'add water' you are talking about in your walkthrough? And what is this ';pepper spray thing?
Sorry to ask those anoying questions, I am trying to find as much help on corel painter as I can find ^^;
liiga Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2008
Thanks! The "Just Add Water" tool is from the Blenders category, and the "Pepper Spray" - from airbrushes. Good luck with Painter. And an additional tip, save often, it is a good program and all, but it has a thing for crashing or corrupting files on occasion, mostly if they're very large ones or it doesn't have as much memory available as it would like to. I usually save things as .bmp now and then, it never corrupts those, only .rif.
AnnickHuber Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
That was fast =) thank you very much ^^
Skatora Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is very informative and helpful! I'm just trying to break into the digital art world, and this quite inspiring! Thank you!
inPrint Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2008
i found this amazingly useful...thanks hun !
and it's a beautiful painting, very very unique :heart:
rabuMYV Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2007  Student General Artist
I was just wondering, which settings you had your brush on for the actual painting part, like did you use acrylics or digital airbrush or ... haha

Fabulous tut otherwise :3
jennymstead Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
okay... I am definatly going to have to try this! :D
IlincaMilosan Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
For your work, overall, do you use Painter all the time or some PhotoShop as well?
The only thing I "hate" about this tutorial is that you make it seem so easy :XD: :aww:
You're such a great artist :hug:
liiga Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2007
Thanks! I use Painter for everything except adding text and saving as jpg (PhotoImpact does a better job there). Never really got familiar with PhotoShop.
IlincaMilosan Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I got used to Painter too. When I tried stuff in Photoshop I was ... lost :XD:
Anyway, keep us amazed with your beautiful art ;) :aww:
LuisaRafidi Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2007
Great walkthrough. I have a question: what brush did you use to paint her face?
liiga Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2007
Thanks! Same brush as for everything else, wet detail brush from acrylics. Guess I forgot to mention that huh. :D
LuisaRafidi Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007
Oh, ok. Thank you for the attention ^^
Nephie8 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great ^^! I loved how you narrated lol, and some very useful tips if you read carefully. ^^ (AKA: give up on clouds, they are evil LMAO) j/K I love it btw.
DemonX01 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG the pic is plain beautiful
TKdesign Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2007
alot of cool info, thanks for that
liiga Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2007
Most welcome! ^-^
Zaichick Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
wow this is just amazing, I can tell you put a lot of hard work into your painting and the tut. It's a beautiful picture I love it. Thank you for doing this tut I am tryin to learn how to paint and I will use this. thanks again!
liiga Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2007
Thanks and most welcome! ^^
aliaskajan Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
very very beautiful :)
Pianist-GRL Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2007  Hobbyist
great ! .. thanks yooou :rose:
dev1n Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2007
I love that work!!!!
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